• Salad Queen

    Salad Queen

    Salad food delivery startup in Ghent - Belgium. We provided IT solutions for order management, a communication platform, web-design, graphic design, in short everything to get this business into the digital space.

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  • U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines

    The client, a Human Rights Watch Coalition, wanted an easy way to manage their online presence for the 2 campaigns they run. We opted to develop a multi-site setup where they can manage both websites within the same management interface. The design had to be simple yet modern, to reduce cost we used the same templates across both websites and only changed the color and logo for each individual website. Both web interfaces are completely responsive all the way down to mobile, and run on top of the Modx Framework in the backend that allows for total development freedom.

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    U.S. Campaign to Ban Landmines
  • Gateway EMS

    Gateway EMS

    A startup in the Medical Emergency Service industry, the client wanted simple yet elegant up to date website that represents honesty and integrity. I provided them with a logo, business-cards, and a custom designed responsive website build on top of Wordpress. The HTML/CSS and Javascript is custom build with the Framework Foundation. The maintenance, further development and innovation and hosting is also provided by TVD Webdesign LLC.

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  • Bearna.org

    The main purpose for this site is informative, a catalog if you will in the world of natural beauty products. The site has been launched in 2012 but further development is put on a (temporary) hold unfortunately due to lack of funding and time. The project allowed some room for creativity and personality, all the while providing a good structure to navigate true the sometimes long pages. The templates have been build with the then brand new Bootstrap Framework and the content is delivered by the CMS Modx.

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  • JeeCee International

    JeeCee International

    Full branding project, they run multiple Physiotherapy centers in Belgium and Dubai. All the marketing material they use for promotion has come true my hands. They were my first client when I started out freelancing and I learned a great deal about running a web design business thanks to them, they constantly challenge me to come up with a variety of creative solutions that enable me to grow on a professional level..

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